new goodies...

I've got nine items listed on the etsy shop now. sadly, no new sales to report though.

here's some pics of the new items:

j'adore felt heart
(my favorite)

"crazy love" felt heart

pink and red lovebird

red, brown, and pink lovebird

etsy cards

etsy update...

all of the original three items I posted sold within 24 hours! i've relisted the mini notecard set and I'm going to spend my two days off working on some more items to list. If I can get a decent stockpile I may purchase some shop pimpin' showcase listings or maybe even a swap-bot ad.

I tinkered around and came up with a banner for the store and a new icon.

etsy banner


I'm pretty happy with them. I may change it again though, just cause I'd really like to incorporate a bird somehow.

I've been toying around with the idea of opening an etsy shop for a while now. I finally did it!

sursum corda, an etsy shop

I listed three valentines themed items to start with...just to see how it would go. The red & aqua heart from below, along with these:

love bird

three hearts card

daisy card

all you need is love card

the three cards were listed as a set and already sold! thank you Cate (a swapping friend) for the order.

I'll have to figure out the pricing. I think I priced things fairly.

oh so charming itty bitty valentine swap

these are the 3" x 3" valentines I created for the oh so charming itty bitty valentine swap, hosted by Mary Ann on flickr.

I created pieces in four different styles: shabby chic, sophisticated, retro, and vintage. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

I've also made a few valentines stuffies:

amor valentine stuffie

1st valentine stuffie

and my favorite:

je t'aime valentine stuffie

The first two were made with a specific destination. I'm tinkering with posting the third one up on etsy to see if anyone would buy it. I need to make up a cute card that would come with it. Hmmm...perhaps.

white itty bitty book pages - mosaic

these are my pages for the white itty bitty book swap, hosted by Danielle of The Vintage Dragonfly. there were 26 participants who each created 26 color copies of their original take on the theme, which was simply "white". you then had to embellish each of the 26 copies and send them to the hostess. she is binding the books for us. I cannot wait to see how the book turned out.

I altered a matchbox and decorated it with a dragonfly as a thank you gift for Danielle:

thank you to vintage dragonfly

so pretty!

luvs2sew made these beauties herself! I love them! What a creative idea Beth!

a few favorites

random pics by me - mosaic (take 2)

last year for Christmas I got my dream camera, a Nikon D40. I've been actively asking for a digital SLR for literally 8 years. I am so lucky to have finally received one...thanks to Tim, my parents, and my inlaws!

Towards the middle of this past year I finally had some time to actually take some pictures with it. As you can see, the photos are amazing. I hope to spend more time learning how to utilize the camera fully this year.

well, you know resolutions = failure so much of the time, I think I try to avoid them. but there is such a purpose and power behind them. so I decided to post them publicly for posterity's sake and for my sake. I realized I browse my past blog posts often enough for this post to possibly prove effective of reminding me what I need to do to make me a better & happier me this year!

- be organized and neat
- be on time
- spend more quality time with my babe
- spend more time thinking about how to live life to the fullest and then execute those ideas
- open an etsy store in time for Christmas shoppers
- learn to sew
- make a quilt

If I could actually get it together enough to pull each of those resolutions off, I would be so very pleased. It's a lofty list, but I've got almost a whole year!

whimsy pages...fini!

Underlying Beauty Chunky Page
"underlying beauty"

Sweet Chunky Page
"retro sweet"

Play Chunky Page
"vintage play"

Have Your Cake Chunky Page
"have your cake"

photo notecards...

Handmade January Coloriffic (Sent)

I love the way these turned out. My flickr prints came quicker than I anticipated and they look great! Matte prints are so much more pleasing.

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